In a landscape as tranquil as the Tillingbourne Valley is today, it is difficult to imagine the time when gunpowder blasts would periodically shake foundations, effluents from manufacturing would fill the river course, air would be difficult to breathe from smoke and pollutants, and the hills would be stripped and barren. However, with the study of landscape history, where visible features, archaeological and ecological evidence, and documentary records all meet, it is possible to glean a picture of the societies and productive forces that impacted upon the valley so intensely.

West Lodge, Chilworth Gunpowder Works

West Lodge, Chilworth Gunpowder Works

Delve into the range of industries which the valley supported from medieval times and into the 20th century.

Discover more about the archaeological discoveries from other periods in the valley, from the prehistoric to the industrial age.

Learn about the records and archives related to all aspects of history in the Tillingbourne Valley.

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