Fanny Elizabeth Cumper and Florence Hughes, two women workers at Chilworth's cordite factory in the First World War (photo courtesy of Pat Saunders and the Surrey Archaeological Society collections)

Two workers at Chilworth’s cordite factory in the First World War (photo courtesy of the Surrey Industrial History Group Collection)

A range of people have contributed to the unique heritage of the Tillingbourne Valley…from the early millers of Doomsday to the historians and archaeologists who still study them today!

Learn about the ‘characters’ (historical figures who worked in an industry that represents each village) and hear their tales.

Read about the great industrialists, thinkers and researchers who were inspired by the valley’s beautiful landscape.

Discover more about the everyday lives of other workers and estate owners in the valley.

Listen to the stories of the residents living today along the Tillingbourne and share their memories.

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